Review #106 Autograf Grill, Green Lanes

Next door to Kata Autograf is conveniently located for some post-baize scoffage. Their proposition is Polish food and if you go there make sure you’re hungry as it’s an-all-you-can-eat pigfest.

Well, not exactly on this occasion. I felt that I’d had enough pork for one day so instead I went for the chicken grill. Much as I like pierogis you’d have to be an Olympic weightlifter to take on a starter, especially as each order is preceded by good quality rye bread, dripping and gherkins. We scoffed these with an Urquell (draft, a bargain £3.90 a pint) while the room filled up.

The chicken arrived. A foot long skewer of tenderly grilled paprika’d meat and alongside it a generous bowl of peppery chips with a tomato salad. Across the table there was a blood sausage that had been cooked in tin foil that looked like the kind of thing I’d want for breakfast the day after a marathon.

At under twenty quid a head including drinks Autograf rivals the Green Lanes kebab shops for value and warmth of welcome.


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